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Nov 30, 2012

Owl sounds likes a cat?

Photo by Dave Kemp
Several days ago, my photographer friend, Dave Kemp, of Richmond, British Columbia, sent me this Short-eared Owl photo, which he took.   I shared it with readers of this blog.   Now, Dave has sent me a video of the same raptor.   Dave shared this video with several of his online friends and one of them said this owl sounded like a cat.   It's true, it does.   While most of our 12 owl species in Canada make a hooting sound, a few do not.   The Short-eared Owl is one that does not, except during the mating season when the male gives a hoo-hoo-hoo.   According to my Royal Ontario Museum Field Guide to Birds of Ontario, both male and female give an emphatic, barking keee-ow sound.   Click on the link below to hear Dave Kemp's owl.   You will need to click on a second version of the link after you make your first link.     

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1 comment:

zz said...

very interesting. If I only had heard the "call" I would have never guessed it being an owl. My first connection was a "meow" sound (like another person had mentioned) and that made me smile as it seemed to be so odd; but after another few seconds it did no longer sound strange. I could hear some "birdy" sound (If you would have asked me what other bird comes to your mind I would have said: distantly a crow)