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Nov 7, 2012

Snow Buntings arrive at Schomberg

Photos by BarrytheBirder
Before you jump to the conclusion that the ground in King Township, just north of Toronto, is covered in snow, let me say that I took these pictures of Snow Buntings a couple of years ago near Schomberg.  This past Friday, I spotted a small flock of about 25 Snow Buntings at the habitat wetlands that have replaced the Schomberg sewage lagoons.   The lagoons were decommissioned about a year and a half ago.   A large pond and island have replaced the main lagoons and they have been taken over by Canada Geese, gulls, shorebirds in migration, and now by beautiful buntings like the ones you see here.   I could not get close enough to photograph this year's buntings because the site is a huge sea of mud and unapproachable.   Of all the winter birds hereabouts, the Snow Buntings are my favourite -- because of their appealing colouration and markings and their synchronous flight.   They help hugely to make winter bearable, I think.
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