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Nov 21, 2012

Facing its first winter

Photo by BarrytheBirder
Red-tailed Hawk
BBButeo jamaicensisBB

I photographed this immature Red-tailed Hawk sitting on a post on Hwy. 27, in Schomberg.   It was a small bird, probably at the lower end of the species size range of 19 - 25" (48 - 63 cm.)   There was nothing special about this hawk as it surveyed the field below keeping an eye on anything that moved.   I couldn't help but wonder if this first-year bird had any idea of what lay ahead as the warm mid-November day was close to ushering in December and winter snow and ice.   And when it does find itself in the depths of our frigid winter, will it have any comprehension, at all, that the winter will eventually end and the world will warm again, or will it think that the season of snow is a permanent environment.
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