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Nov 14, 2011

Welcome to King City

                                                                                                                                                                                  Photo by BarrytheBirder
I live in King City.   Despite its pretentious name, it has never been a city.   It is a village: always has been and always will be.   It is about to undergo a dramatic change as it doubles its population from 6,000 to 12,000 in a couple of years.   This may not sound like that big of a deal, but residents will find the change to be on scale as earth-shaking as the first settlers cutting down the trees and displacing the Indians, the coming of the first railway, and the advent of electricity, the telephone and indoor hockey rinks!   The village is about to change again in a profound way.   Hopefully, King City will continue to be a nice place to live.   Modern infrastructure dictates that the need for storm-water sewers be mitigated by the use of run-off retention ponds, like the one above.   While just one, gigantic model home, in one of several sprawling subdivisions, has been built,  flocks of new residents have already moved in.   In the photo above, 400 or so Canada Geese have taken up residency on one of those new retention ponds.   It is a scene to be repeated here on dozens of such ponds in the near future.   Will King City become one of those communities where Canada Geese become the scourge of normally peaceful, live-and-let-live villagers?   We shall see in due course.   Meanwhile, I am looking at the photo above and thinking ahead to when these 400 geese become the parents of 2000 goslings next year.   And if the same where to happen at 10 other ponds in the new King City, why....that would be 20,000 geese.   Yikes!   Surely not.   Next thing you know, they'll be a pair nesting in my backyard.
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effie kadoglou said...

Barry PHP NUKE is in my computer and i must chase it is not a virus but works like a must put away my photo and logging because it can harm your PC is an organization that wants to manage things for his long and let us hope it will go away.

effie kadoglou said...

for the moment i did not do a format in my lap because i preferred to go along with this nasty php nuke.since it stopped bothering me on had messed up things there so i wanted to leave Facebook.but then it became controllable again.i must do the format.the geese are a beauty in the vast pond.but they will become a crowd and they will have difficulty living there.unless some hunters take them.poor geese....