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Nov 10, 2011

A murder of crows at Kettleby

                                                                                                                                                                                   Photo by BarrytheBirder
I've been watching a murder of crows gathering near the hamlet of Kettleby, in King Township, for the past 10 days and today my count surpassed 400 birds.  This is the time of year, of course, that crows do gather and head to ever-so-slightly milder areas nearby.  400 is not a big number in the grand scheme of the things.   After all, there will be flocks in the tens of thousands this winter in the most south-western part of Ontario.   The Royal Ontario Museum, in its Field Guide to Birds of Ontario, states: "...more than 90,000 individuals reported to roost together at one site in winter".    Nevertheless, 400+ crows is a fairly sizeable flock hereabouts and I was impressed as I watched their constantly-moving and noisy entourage.   I had the feeling that each and every crow thought it was the centre of attention.   Folks in this area can see these crows on the north side of the Kettleby Road, between Keele Street and the east end of the hamlet.
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1 comment: said...

Wow that many crows. I have seen starlings but not crows.
Thanks for sharing, may be one day I get to witness something like that. Anna :)