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Nov 21, 2011

In a bit of a slump

Photo by Joanne McKinnon 
Today I saw a Pileated Woodpecker, a Red-tailed Hawk, and an American Kestrel.   The photo of the Pileated Woodpecker above was not taken by me.   It was taken by Joanne McKinnon, the wife of my old friend Glenn McKinnon, up in Bracebridge.   I'm not sure if the continuing mild weather has something to do with my few recent birding sightings but it's only five weeks until Christmas and we still haven't had any snow that's stayed on the ground.   I'm almost wishing for snow in hopes that it will bring some fresh winter visitors.   I'm always on the lookout for Snowy Owls, particularly up in the wide-open Holland Marsh, but none yet.   Checking the internet, no one else seems to have spotted a Snowy yet, either, in York Region.   I'm also ready to see a Great Grey Owl's been a few years.  
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