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Sep 5, 2011

A new old barn

Now here is a welcome sight for sore eyes, like mine, that have seen one too many old Ontario barns wither away and collapse into themselves, or get hit by lightning and are reduced to ashes, or just get bulldozed to make way for some new, steel or vinyl, open-ended Quonset hut or a low-slung, sinister-looking, critter factory.   This recently restored barn is to be found in the hamlet of Kettleby, on the southeast corner of Keele Street and the 19th Sideroad.   What a gem of a restoration!   Don't get me wrong.   There are expensive new racehorse barns throughout King Township that rival the best in the world, but they don't speak to the charm of the barns of yesteryear.   Whenever I drive by this beauty, my memory opens up my childhood on my grandfather's farm, at Churchill, Ontario.   Even in the 1950s, his farm had no electricity or motorized equipment.   Horses were the beasts of burden.   Even then, his barn was ancient and I loved everything about it.   Anyway, it's cool to see that someone can move forward by looking back.   Well done folks.
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