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Sep 2, 2011

Apples are ready

I stopped in at Pine Farms Orchard after one of my birding treks yesterday.   The sign out front said that apples were ready for picking, but I bought an already-baked pie that was made from Cortlands (with no sugar added).   My dear wife and I each had a piece last night.   Delicious!   Instead of topping the pie with ice cream or cheddar cheese, we added a tablespoon of fresh raspberries to each piece.   It was a very tasty combination.
Visitors to Pine Farms Orchard are usually welcomed by Millie the Bassett Hound, but don't be surprised if Elvis or Costello, the resident geese, are the ones to greet you.   I'm not sure whether I took Elvis' picture, above, or Costello's.   They look identical.
All the apple trees at Pine Farms Orchard are minature trees, so the picking part is as simple as can be.   Pine Farms is on the north side of the 16th Sideroad, halfway between Jane St. and Keele St..

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BtheB                                                                                                      Photos by BarrytheBirder


Angie in TO said...

Thank you so much for posting this! I had not heard of them before, I've checked their website and am planning on a visit soon. :) said...

Barry thank you for the update.
BTW cheddar cheese on the pie, that is new to me, lol.
Anna :)