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Sep 20, 2011

Crop circles in King township corn field

Originally this blog report was to be nothing more than a comment on the huge number of fields planted with corn this year, in King Township.   I've heard that corn prices have been good for some time and that would explain the increased acreage planted.   I stopped to get a picture of a corn field just north of King City, on the west side of Keele Street.   I noticed a flattened spot, and then another, in the field quite near to the road.   While not perfect circles, they were still circles.   There were cobs of corn lying about, some intact, some partially stripped of kernals and others totally stripped.   Deer?   Raccoons?   There were no tracks, as we've had little rain lately and the ground is very hard.   Nothing supernatural here...and no human interference, methinks.   Just some critters, attending a banquet, who started at a particular spot and worked their way outwards, creating unintentional circles.
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Bigwom said...

I love that frosting of autumn colour