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Sep 4, 2011

Fall warblers can confound

Look at the picture above, on the left.   Recognize the bird?   Is it a fall warbler?   Or is it a female Goldfinch?   A different angle, in the picture on the right, shows that she is indeed a Goldfinch - not a warbler.   For nine months of each year I have no problem recognizing female Goldfinches.   But for three months each fall I often confuse them with what I fervently hope are southward migrating warblers.   More often than not I lower my binoculars with disappointment.   It gets a bit frustrating.   At least until I do spot a warbler, then all is well.   Today I was rewarded with a female American Redstart (one of 36 warbler species that will pass through).   That's her below.   I know, I know, she doesn't look like much like a Goldfinch.   In the bottom photo she is giving me a good once-over.   What creature might she be confusing me with?
MMMFemale American RedstartMMM
Setophaga ruticilla
Please comment if you wish.                                                                           All photos by BarrytheBirder


Stuart Immonen said...

Female Redstarts can be just as confusing, since they don't look much different than first year males! Very nice photos.

Barry Wallace said...

Excellent point, Stuart.
Regards, Barry