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Aug 28, 2011

Seneca summer scenes

Top: old bridge over lily ponds, bottom right: ancient boathouse on Lake Jonda, bottom left: thousands of waterlilies fill the ponds around Eaton Hall, now Seneca College King Campus.   The boathouse is of some interest in that local legend says Lady Eaton's son, Timothy, managed to persuade his parents that a high-speed motorboat was not excessive for a small pond like Lake Jonda.   My late father-in-law, Clyde Cairns, worked at Eaton Hall in its early days and says that Timothy Eaton once drove his boat right out of the water and up onto the lawn, in front the chateau.   Boys will be boys, I suppose, especially the rich ones.
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BtheB                                                                                                             (Photos by BarrytheBirder)

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Bigwom said...

It is such a shame that Seneca hasn't bothered to maintain any of the smaller buildings on campus...they're so picturesque.