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Aug 31, 2011

Grapes for the grandkids and the Robins

Photo by BarrytheBirder
The photo above is one of two labrusca grape vines (Concord variety) that grow in my yard, and up over an arbour, and parts of the roof on my house.   There are many grapes now, but they are green.   A month from now they will be purplish-blue and the Robins will be prepared to eat them all.   My four grandchildren, particularly the two grandsons who live nearby, will eat their share whenever they visit.   Hopefully, my distant granddaughters will have a few handfuls also.    Meanwhile, there is this great, green umbrella of leaves that transports me to southern Europe whenever I look at it.   And now, in late August, the hummingbirds are frequent flyers under the leafy canopy and I try to remember to stoop each time as I pass through.   Once again, I'm starting to wish summers would never end.
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