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Jul 4, 2011

Red-winged Blackbird skewers hawk

BarrytheBirder photo
I stopped off in Temperanceville to take a picture of a Great Blue Heron this morning but wasn't able to get the photo I wanted.   I turned away, a bit disappointed, glanced up and there was a Red-tailed Hawk on a wire, totally ignoring the protests of two Red-winged Blackbirds and two American Robins that wanted no part of the intuder to their territory.   One the blackbirds became so frustrated with the hawk's imperious disregard of them, that it took one last plunge, swooped low, and with its outstretched beak, skewered the hawk right in the middle of its belly.   Shocked, The Red-tail lurched backwards, shrieked, and headed off for the friendlier fields.   The small birds immediately disappeared into nearby trees and shrubs and all was calm and quiet.   Please comment if you wish.

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