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Jul 12, 2011

Raspberry Social At Laskay Hall

The annual Raspberry Social at Laskay Hall was its usual success on July 12.   Hot humid weather made the cake and pie, fresh raspberries and ice cream all the more enjoyable.   Linda and I met an old high school classmate, Penny Parmenter, from 50 years ago, and celebrated a mini-reunion of sorts.   This small community gathering is a form of  time-travel for many who attend, and little personal celebrations put smiles on the faces who underwent a brief, Brigadoon-type passage.In the photo at right, I got to turn the tables on Laskay resident and award-winning, professional photographer, Gary Conway, by taking his photo.   Gary was kept busy by making many pots of tea, among others things.   A small questionnaire was circulated during the lovely July evening soliciting comments for a King Township Sustainability Report.   Many people dutifully listed what they thought King should and should not do in the future.   There was no need to look beyond the Laskay Raspberry Social itself to focus one's thoughts.
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BtheB                                                                                                                      Photos by BarrytheBirder  

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