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Nov 15, 2010

Source of the East Humber River

Lake St. George

Footbridge over the East Humber River's origin

The East Humber River in York Region has its origin on the south-west bank of Lake St. George, east of the community of Oak Ridges in the Town of Richmond Hill. It is a kettle lake sitting on a 120-hectare site owned by the Toronto Region Conservation Authority. The TRCA has operated this property as an outdoor education centre since the 1970s. There is a lovely trail that circumnavigates Lake St. George. The problem is that uninvited guests are not encouraged (the old liability insurance bugaboo, I guess). Anyone who is interested in Lake St. George is asked to contact the field centre for permission to visit. I wandered about on a Sunday morning and although I saw few birds on a drizzly November day, I could very well imagine that this property is probably jammed full with numerous species of birds in the spring and summer. BtheB

Photos by BarrytheBirder

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