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Nov 22, 2010

Like father ~ like son

In the photo above, on the left, my son-in-law, Rob, is scaling the Chief, a 3,000' vertical, granite dome, at Squamish, British Columbia, that all self-respecting rock-climbers dream of mastering. The year was 2004. Rob, now an old married man and father of two (Will and Spencer), made the mistake of letting William (4-and-a-half years) watch a climbing video in the Mountain Co-op Store and telling him that there was climbing gear stowed away in a cupboard at home. It seems Will was immediately hooked and has been rappelling between floors at home, for over a week (photo at right). Brother Spencer (2-and-a-half years) has been more than willing to join in. Rob thinks his boys are not just mimicking him but that there is something karmic going on, and that the boys are channelling or transmigrating previous, unknown existences, because of him. Whatever, as long as they don't fall and break their necks on my watch.

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