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Nov 17, 2010

King Township ~ horse country

Photos by BarrytheBirder
Any drive along the concessions and sideroads of King Township will quickly prove that you are in horse country. The municipality feels obliged to erect numerous signs that will inform you that you are in an equestrian community (see at top). This seems quite redundant and a waste of taxpayers money when one sees the horse farms themselves and all their accoutrement. The gateways to many of these rural estates are grand to behold. But none is more magnificent than the one pictured above. In my humble opinion, there is nothing to match its artistic scope and elaborate construction. It is more than twice my height, nearing 4.5 metres tall. I know it has been fabricated, as opposed to being sculpted, but it has the gripping and dominating presence of sculpture. All of these 'Equestrian Community' gateways are very expensively constructed and presented, but this one, while arguably ostentatious, also makes a remarkable, artistic statement. It's on the west side of Weston Rd., a kilometre or two, south of the Aurora Sideroad.
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