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Nov 2, 2010

My weekly hikes with Pieter

My good friend and weekly hiking companion, Pieter Thoenes, took this photograph today of me being thanked by Daisy the Greeter for lunching at the Pine Farms Apple Orchard Cafe, just north of King City. Earlier in the morning , Pieter and I had hiked around Bond Lake in Richmond Hill and then hiked from the Augustinian Monastery at Marylake, just north of King City, up to Pine Farms on the Oak Ridges Moraine Trail. Pieter is a born and bred Englishman, with a Dutch name, who has travelled and lived in many places around the world, but who has a special affinity for South Africa and has called Canada home for decades. Needless to say, he always has an interesting story to tell. That's him below struggling over a stile on our hike today. Next week's hike will be in Pieter's bailiwick of the Mulmer Hills.

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