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Jun 22, 2017

I millionth bird banded at Long Point...

Photo by Stu MacKenzie
Tennessee Warbler has the distinction
Monday, May 29, 2017, was the auspicious day that the Long Point Bird Observatory, on Lake Erie's north shore, in Ontario, reached an important milestone: the banding of the millionth bird.   Curiosity was rampant and it was a female Tennessee Warbler that claimed the honour.   She, no doubt, was on her way to Canada's northern boreal forest. Long Point Bird Observatory is the Western Hemisphere's oldest bird observatory, and its first to band one millions birds.   Long Point's inaugural banding was a Song Sparrow on April 2, 1960.   Now it's almost 60 years of research creating a vast base of knowledge as wild birds face huge changes in habitats and natural environments in the early 21st century.   Well done, Long Pointers.   Birds and birders are deeply in your debt.
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