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Jun 11, 2017

Back from the brink...

                                                          Photo:Ben Hull / RSPB
(Sylvia undata)
This small, dark, long-tailed warbler is a resident of the south coast and parts of the east coast of the Uk, and has suffered in the past from severe winters.   Its population crashed to a few pairs in the 1960s in England, but has now recovered, increasing in both range and numbers.   Recent heathland restoration and climate change in the UK appear to have benefited this resident insectivore species.   However the Dartford Warbler is still regarded as an Amber List species by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).
Coloured drawing above: RSPB
The Dartford Warbler will sit on top of a gorse stem to sing, but is often seen as a small flying creature bobbing between bushes.

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1 comment:

robert campbell said...

To come back from a few pair is quite remarkable . I'm encouraged to continue putting up nesting boxes. The increase of Mountain Bluebirds in my area is another hopeful sign that we can make a difference. Now if we could only do something to help the Bobolinks