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Dec 22, 2016

World's 2nd smallest bird

Photo: Theodore Ferguson/Diane Slawych
Lophornis ornatus
Many, many birders know that the world's smallest bird is the Bee Hummingbird, found in Cuba and other spots in the Caribbean area.   But how many of us know what the second smallest bird is in the world?   I've just learned it's another Caribbean and South American hummingbird: the Tufted Coquette.   At 6.6 cm. long and 2.3 gms. in weight, it is just a wee bit bigger than the Bee Hummingbird.   The photo above of a Tufted Coquette was taken in the garden of Theo and Gloria Ferguson in the town of St. Joseph, in Trinidad.   It may be small but it has a grand showy appearance!
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