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Jun 13, 2015

Robin wins vote as UK's national bird

Photo by Lisa Geoghegan
Nationwide poll selects English Robin
Almost 1/4 million people in the United Kingdom have cast ballots in the National Bird Vote according to the organizer of a nationwide poll.   The English Robin captured 75,623 votes (34%), the Barn Owl 26,191 votes (12%) and the Blackbird 25,369 votes (11%).   The robin is known for being openly aggressive to other birds it competes with for territory and food, and can kill those birds occasionally.   Vote organizer, David Lindo, attributed the robin's popularity to Britain's 'small-mind' mentality .   "Despite being a seemingly friendly bird, the robin is hugely territorial and very defensive of its territory and I presume that reflects us as an island nation that we will stand our ground", he said.   Lindo is also quoted as saying he hopes the British government will now act to bestow official honours on the robin.   Britain, like Canada, does not now have a national bird.   Two perennial preferences in Canada are the ubiquitous Canada Goose and the sentimental favourite: the yodelling Common Loon.
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