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Jun 29, 2015

Another Osprey nest, after all...

 Photos by BarrytheBirder
On Father's Day, June 21, I wrote a blog about Ospreys returning to abandoned nests in King Township.  I mentioned that an extremely tall communications tower near to my home did not have an Osprey nest this year, where it had in the past.   I'm pleased to report that upon further spotting with a more powerful camera lens, that this location now has a new nest with a male and female bird on hand (see photos) with, hopefully, reproduction in mind.   If there are eggs or hatchlings already, they cannot been seen because the nest is so very high.   They won't likely be seen until they can climb to edges of the nest and are spotted with binoculars, scopes or telephoto camera lenses.   The bottom line is that now three of four former perennial Osprey nests are back in operation.   Great news!

I intend to keep an eye out for a fourth nest in and around the King Campus of Seneca College, where an Osprey nest existed successfully for many years past.   The old nest was on top of a tall parking lot light tower, but eventually fell apart completely.   There are many naturally occurring treed tracts nearby, and around the adjoining Lake Jonda.   I hope to spot a new nest sometime in the near future.
After all, Lake Jonda still has lots of fish in it...I think.
In fact, the pair of Ospreys I've just written about above may very well be making the 2 or 3 kilometre journey to Lake Jonda to do some of their fishing.

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