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Jun 19, 2015

Robin builds nest in herb planter

Photos by Nancy Wallace
Where birds build their nests is sometimes a surprise.   My brother Bob and his wife Nancy discovered an American Robin building a nest in a small 8" x 24" herb planter (see photos) on the handrail of a deck on their house, just north of Parry Sound, Ontario. This is interesting in and of itself, but consider these other developments at their home in the northern woods.
1. There is a momma robin in a previously made nest on the top of a ladder, under an     overhanging eave in the shade, in which there are four fledglings.
2. In the gazebo garden which has Virginia Creeper growing 8 ft. high, two nests have     been discovered.   One nest has a robin sitting in it with four eggs and just four
    inches away the other nest has a Chipping Sparrow with four eggs beneath her.           The two mom birds sit side-by-side in their respective nests, cheek-by-jowl, rain           or shine, in apparent acceptance of each other.
3. At the end of their driveway, near the road, there is also a pair of robins busily             building a well-hidden nest in the shadows.
4. Bob and Nancy say they have never seen so many robins in their 35 years in the 
    pine woods around and about Parry Sound.   Climate change, maybe?

Bob and Nancy are a wee bit bewildered by this activity and have promised to keep me updated and will try to send more pictures, which I will share in this space.

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