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Sep 20, 2014 was a starling

Well, I have it on good authority that my mystery bird of the last several weeks was indeed a European Starling.   Two readers of this blogsite kindly suggested the bird in the photo was a juvenile starling.   Thank you to Lucy Robertson and Andrew S. for their directions to photos and indentifications of this common bird.   In fact, starlings are one of the most common and numerous birds in the world.   It is also a bird with a 'coat of many colours', based on its stages of early growth and thereafter the seasons of the year.   After hearing from Lucy and Andrew, I got word from my neighbour, here in the village of King City, Gerry Binsfeld, that my mystery bird was a young starling starting to molt out of its juvenile plumage.   Gerry, by the way, has a huge life list and is one of Canada's best birders.   Although I have been a birdwatcher for many years, I don't consider myself an expert.   Nevertheless, not identifying a starling in my own backyard is very humbling and a bit embarrasing.

    Photo by Barry Wallace
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