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Sep 11, 2014

Pied Wagtail gets a reprieve

Photo: Wild About Britain
Rogue wagtail won't be shot
The Guardian newspaper in England reports that a Pied Wagtail that had taken up residence in a Tesco store in Great Yarmouth will continue to fly after a plan to shoot the bird ruffled shoppers' feathers.   The bird had avoided all attempts to trap it and shoo it outside over recent weeks, so using a marksman to shoot it (after store hours) was suggested.   Word got out and their was a public backlash.   On advice, Tesco called on the British Trust for Ornithology and has postponed the shooting.   Plans now are to net the bird which has become quite tame.   The pretty little bird has been sustaining itself by eating crumbs off the cafe floor.   This tale will likely have a merciful and happy ending.

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