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Sep 21, 2014

50 years of 'Wildlife Photographer of the Year' book

The National History Museum in London, England, has just published and released a new book that commemorates 50 years of its Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.   Below are two photos that feature birds, which are part of the collection of 160 photos in the book.

Photo by Cherry Alexander (UK) 1995
This magnificent blue iceberg was photographed from a ship off the South Sandwich Islands in Antarctica.   It's described as a cathedral of ancient ice, with a little group of Adelie Penguins and an Antarctic Prion perfectly poised overhead.   To catch the moment and frame it perfectly reveals the skill of a photographer (Cherry Alexander) in love with ice..

Photo by Danny Green (UK) 2009
One of the last great wildlife spectacles to be seen in northern Europe is the winter evening gathering of hundreds of thousands of starlings over their roost sites.   Here the stage is Gretna Green in Scotland with the swooping, swirling flock boosted by huge numbers of wintering starlings from Scandanavia.

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