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Aug 9, 2014

The Elvis & Costello team are no more

Photos by Barry Wallace
I visited Pine Farms Orchard today to buy some butter tarts but there was only one left.   I bought it as well as a coconut raspberry square.   There was a poster at the door with a picture and a few words about Costello, the Muscovy duck, who is a resident of Pine Farms. The pictures here show Costello with his long-time buddy Elvis.   Sadly, Elvis is no more. He disappeared one day not so long ago and never returned.   In these two pictures, which I took almost 10 years ago, Elvis is seen on the left side, Costello on the right.   The two buddies were well-liked ambassadors at the apple orchard and Elvis is sorely missed by many apple-pickers and cafe customers.   Muscovy ducks are silent but they have an amazing presence and visual communications skills.   I miss Elvis and I feel sorry for Costello.   Such is life.
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