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Aug 17, 2014

American Bittern on the wing

Photo by BarrytheBirder
I may have published this photo before over the course of the last eight years, but I have stumbled upon it recently and have decided to put it in the blog for the following reasons.   1. It's the only photo of an American Bittern I have ever taken.   2. It was pure luck and reflex that I got the shot as I flushed the bird from cattails at Luther Marsh.   3. I like the bittern's markings and colouring.   4. Despite my Audubon Field Guide's contention that the American Bittern is "...short-legged and heavy-bodied..." and "...pot-bellied in flight..." , I really like its shape in flight.   With its long beak and long pointed wing tips, I think it looks quite aerodynamic in the air.   I see and hear this bird in marsh reeds occasionally but this is the only one I have seen flying.   It was special for me.
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