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Aug 14, 2014

Disappointment all-around

Photo by BarrytheBirder
This young Ring-billed Gull's body language describes my feelings after being chilled and rained-out on what was to be a 4-day stay on the beach at Southampton, on Lake Huron, this week.   My wife and I cut the trip to two days after the temperature dropped to 13C.   The date was also Aug. 13...bad luck all-around it seems.   I did record a new life-bird however.   I spotted a two Piping Plovers on a beach at Port Elgin.   More bad luck befell me though when I went to record the sighting on my life list.   After adding the Piping Plover, I did a manual count of my life list which I thought had stood at 425.   That's the number you see at the top of this blog.   But after adding the plover I did a manual count of my list and came up with 421 birds.   Somewhere along the line I had mistakably counted 425!   It's time to switch my list to a computerized count I guess.   Once again, my luck gave out when I saw the plovers but did not have my camera with me.   There was also a Little Gull (which I've never photographed before) near the plovers.   Below is an illustration of Little Gulls by well-known American illustrator, Julie Zickafoose.
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