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Sep 1, 2012

The fox and the goose

Photo by Sergey Gershkov/2012 Veolia Environmental Wildlife Photographer of the Year
In late May, a quarter of a million Snow Geese arrive from North America to nest on Wrangel Island, in north-eastern Russia.   They form the world's largest breeding colony of snow geese.   Arctic Foxes take advantage of the abundance of eggs, even caching surplus eggs for leaner times.   But a Snow Goose is is easily a match for for a fox, which must rely on speed, agility and guile to steal eggs.   The foxes are successful, but rarely.
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caminkingston said...

Something I didn't know (ability to fight off Artic Fox). Montmagny, Quebec is a popular spot for viewing their spring migration in May, or the fall migration in October. They say about 300,000 birds pass each way, about triple the number from the 1980s.