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Aug 18, 2012

Trying for Great White Egrets at Luther Marsh

Photos by BarrytheBirder
I spent a few hours at Luther Marsh this past Thursday hoping to see the 250-300 roosting Great White Herons.   Actually the herons roost at a smaller portion of the larger Luther Marsh, called Monticello Marsh, about a kilometre north of the Luther main entrance and a 1/2 km. south of the hamlet of Monticello, north-west of Orangeville, Ontario.   I arrived in mid-afternoon, planning to wait around until early evening when the herons return each night to roost.   I saw a few Great Whites, but was rained-out late in the afternoon and decided to return another day.   I got a couple of pictures (see below) and did enjoy my abbreviated visit.
I got a little excited when I first spotted this female Bobolink because I momentarily thought it might be a female Yellow-headed Blackbird.   It had much too much yellow on its underside for a Yellow-headed Blackbird however, and I dolefully accepted it as a Bobolink....another time, perhaps.
This the plaque marking the Monticello Marsh and paying tribute to the many partners who were instrumental in its development.   Many people are surprised to discover that one of the lead development partners was the Ohio Division of Wildlife and that funding for the project came from Ohio hunters.
One of thousands of Leopard Frogs to be found in the grass along the margins of the Luther and Monticello Marshes, and which provide tasty snacks for the hundreds of Great White Herons.
Above and below are two views of the main lookout tower, available to birdwatchers in particular, at the main entrance of the Luther Marsh, which straddles the border between Dufferin and Wellington Counties, north of Highway 9.
These mammoth wind turbines are visible from and nearby to Luther Marsh.   They are a source of concern and controversy for many people in the area.   They appear to reach approximately 80 metres (260') into the sky.   I have not heard how these monstrosities affect Luther's Marsh's egrets.
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Angie in T.O. said...

We recently discovered this marsh and look forward to a return visit.