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Aug 10, 2012

Andy Rouse photos

Andy Rouse, professional wildlife photographer, has been awarded the Cherry Kearton Medal, by the Royal Geographical Society in England.   The annual award recognizes the contribution made by a wildlife photographer to photography, conservation, and bringing geography to the masses.   I have selected some of his bird photos for this blog.
Photos by Andy Rouse/Rex Features
An aerial view of over 7,000 King Penguins, by photographer Andy Rouse, is seen on South Georgia in the lower Atlantic Ocean.   The brown areas in the photo are the chicks in creches, being protected by black and white adult penguins.
A Barn Owl hunting in the UK
Gentoo Penguins on an iceberg in Mikkelsen Harbour, Antarctica
A common Kingfisher sits on a perch in Britain
A seemingly laughing Snowy Owl perches in the Canadian Arctic
Gentoo Penguins surfing in the Falkland Islands
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