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May 21, 2012

Winter in South Africa

My bird blogging buddy, Mpho Phiri, in his Mafikeng Birding Blog says: " It's already winter time down here in South Africa.   All migrants are gone and some of the locals are really wonderful and keep the spirit of birding alive".   Three of the locals Mpho refers to are seen here in photos he has taken.   At top is a Bomakierie (or Bushshrike) with its back feathers all blown up.   Below is a Temminck's Courser and at the bottom is a Marico (or Mariqua) Flycatcher.   It's amazing that wherever one goes in the world, flycatchers all look the same.   Good photos, Mpho. 
Please comment if you wish.

1 comment:

Mpho Phiri said...

Thanx Barry,
Your contribution to the birding world is held at the highest esteem.
The temperature was -1 degrees today. Its winter time down here.
Happy birding as you enjoy your summer.