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May 9, 2012

Eagle in the backyard

I spent Tuesday morning hoping to spot a  warbler, any warbler, in my backyard which I could photograph.   I'm still waiting to see my first warbler of the spring.   After lunch, I thought I'd check my email before heading out into the countryside where the warbler-spotting might be more productive.   One of the emails was from my friend Cam Inglis who lives in Kingston, Ontario.   Cam's eldest son, Bob, lives near Whistler, British Columbia.   He sent his father a photo he recently snapped in his backyard...a Bald Eagle!   Not just any Bald Eagle, but a fully mature, grand-looking specimen.   Am I a tad envious?   Yes.   Am I deterred from heading out this afternoon?   No.
I shall see what I shall see and be content.
Stay tuned.
Later in the day...
Well, my walk along the East Humber River in the Humber Trails Conservation Area did not turn up any warblers (or eagles) but it was pleasant anyway.   I was greeted at the start of my stroll by the Song Sparrow, pictured below.   It was loud, cheerful and persistent and set the tone for the rest of my walk.   I suppose the thing that really caught my eye were the bird boxes pictured below.   Several of these boxes are fairly recent additions to the area and some of them have two holes: one in front and one on the side.   One of them had been left open also.   This is a mystery worthy of pursuing.   More in another blog...   

Photos by BarrytheBirder

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Bigwom said...

The song sparrow is adorable.