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Apr 27, 2011

Cornell's Team Sapsucker ~ 264 species in one day

Black-bellied Whistling Duck ~ photo by Greg Page

Cornell University's Team Sapsucker has just set a new record for most bird species seen in one day, in the United States.   The team beat the old record of 261 species by three, to set a new record of 264.   In the process, the 6-member team raised over $250,000 for bird conservation.    As I searched for a suitable picture to accompany this item, I came across this adorable duckling photo, taken by a fellow named Greg Page.   One of the species on the Cornell Team Sapsucker's check-list was the Black-bellied Whistling Duck, which is what this little quacker will grow up to be.   Congratulations to Team Sapsucker for their tremendous acheivements.   More details are available at   
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