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Apr 9, 2011

Garter Snake and grandson

Please bear with me as I make the connection between the heading above  and the picture at right of me and my grandsons.   The picture was taken last month in Cancun, Mexico and shows my two grandsons, William the elder, and Spencer the younger, on the beach.   My camera was damaged on the flight back and I have been 3 weeks now without it.   It hasn't stopped me from getting out and about and writing about my adventures.   I've used some old photos of mine plus I've borrowed much too freely from others, to illustrate some of my scribblings..   In any event, William, the elder grandson, accompanied me on a walk around Bond Lake today, not too far from our homes.   We saw a phoebe, heard some hawks and chickadees and came across a Garter Snake.   I picked it up to show William and he was captivated to see its flickering tongue.   I briefly noted for Will's behalf, that the snake regularly uses its tongue to take note of its surroundings, and then quickly handed it over to him, saying  "Take him and put him down over there", before he could think twice about.   I was instantly proud of Will, who will be five in 2 weeks time, for his instant willingness to take hold of the 2 ft. snake and place in the leaves, at his feet, from whence it slithered away to find a better place to catch some April afternoon sunshine.   His mother said later this afternoon that he eagerly recounted his real snake encounter in the woods.   This grandparenting can be so much fun.
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effie kadoglou said...

my good wishes for your grandchildren and all of your family.the fresh air of the lake near your town make you all beautiful as i see in the photos.the kids are lovely and is your bigger joy in this world.we have no grand children because my son believes that something will happen in this very much changing planet.i wish he makes a mistake.anyway you say about snakes that we can manage them?i think it impossible for me.they are not aggressive all snakes is good for the boys to get used to animals but with attention.