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Mar 28, 2011

Happy Valley never disappoints

My wife and I walked along the crest of the King Ridge today, in the Happy Valley, and it was King Township at its best: wild but quiet, overwhelming but gentle, brilliant but beautiful.   We were rewarded for our efforts by spotting a Turkey Vulture (a very early migrant, in my opinion), two Hairy Woodpeckers and a skunk (in broad daylight no less).   It was very cold and windy on the steep, woody ridges but down in the valleys we almost languished in the sunny, spring sunshine.   The picture above shows a memorial to Roberta Langtry, one of the benefactors of the Happy Valley Forest.   I always give a silent thank-you to this lady each time I tread here.   As old as the old-growth Happy Valley Forest is, it is still 50 years from climax.   I can't help but think that in 50 years time, the appreciation of people who will be living in a vastly more populated GTA (Greater Toronto Area) than that in which I find myself, will be infinitely more appreciative of the Roberta Langtrys of this world.   Best wishes for the joy and liveliness that is the promise of spring.   Please comment if you wish.

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effie kadoglou said...

i noticed today that you live in Canada.that is why you are snowy in there.too much snow.poor little animals!how they live in the cold for 6 months maybe.all the same they live and thrive many species of birds.that is why you guys have the hobby of bird life is very different.we have the two months we'll take sea baths.even some people never stop going to the sea.they are winter bathers too.from now till november we have the sun who is really hot at summer and we wait the night to freshen up.i like spring anyway.