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Mar 2, 2011

Red / Grey / Black ~ a first this winter

It's taken almost the whole winter but here are a Red Squirrel, a Grey Squirrel and Black Squirrel (actually a black phase of the Grey) altogether, beneath the same bird feeder, and no blood is being spilled.   In our backyard we have 5 Greys, 5 Blacks and 2 Reds.   Normally the Grey Squirrels rule the roost, followed by the Blacks, with the manic Reds bringing up the rear.   Although, I did see a Red become so outraged yesterday, that it chased a Black into the neighbour's yard, before returning to his apparent rightful spot.   Now with less than three weeks of winter left, a fragile ceasefire is in place.   As an unofficial international peacekeeper, I guess my job is to not let the birdfeeders get too low.   Please comment if you wish.  BarrytheBirder photo

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