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Apr 29, 2017

Additional comments on cormorants...

Photo:Marvin Recinos / AFP / Getty Images

Pictured above are hundreds of cormorants on Lake Suchitoto, in El Salvador.   There are 40 species of cormorants around the world.   The Neotropic Cormorant picture (at right),
by Florence McGinn, was featured in this blog space about five weeks ago.   In many places around the world, cormorants are vilified for voracious eating of freshwater fish and for befouling and killing off the trees in which they roost.   In numerous jurisdictions, culls are made of these birds but the many species continue to thrive globally.   Cormorants migrate in long V-shaped flocks, low over the water, and are noted for their aerodynamic form. That same form also assists their underwater chasing of fish. The cormorant name is derived from the Latin name corvus marinus, meaning sea crow.
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