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Apr 16, 2017

1/4 of UK birds face steep decline or extinction

 Photo - The Guardian
Aquatic Warbler
Acrocephalus paludicola
Kate Lyons, in Britain's The Guardian newspaper, reports that more than a quarter of UK birds, including the puffin, nightingale and curlew, require urgent conservation efforts to ensure their survival, according to a new report.   Since the last review in 2009, another 15 bird species have been put on the "red list", a category that indicates a species is in danger of extinction or has experienced significant population or habitat decline.   Total number of species on the red list is now 67 out of a total of 247.   Moreover, eight species are considered at risk of global extinction, including: the Aquatic Warbler, Common Pochard, Long-Tailed Duck, Velvet Scoter, Slovonian Grebe, Puffin and Turtle Dove.   David Noble, principal ecologist for monitoring at the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) said factors leading to classification of an increased number of species in danger include land use change, such as afforestation and drainage of fields into farmland, and increased number of predators, such as foxes.   He also pointed out the global impacts of climate change, which affect migratory birds.

Photo - Thomas Hanahoe / Alamy
Numenius arquata
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