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Mar 21, 2017

Once more to the brink for Bald Eagles?

 Bald Eagle & BarrytheBirder
Photo by Judy Craig
Scientists decry overturn of ban by Trump's
new Interior Secretary that would save American symbol.
A story this week by Alan Yuhas of the The Guardian, says the American national bird is threatened by toxic bullets that end up in the animals it eats, but the Trump administration overturned a rule stopping it.   Last week, nearly 30 doctors and scientists wrote a letter to the Department of the Interior  to "strongly Support" a rule that Donald Trump's new Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, revoked on his first day in the office.   
The rule, which the Obama administration enacted on its last day, would have banned lead ammunitions across 150 million acres of national wildlife refuges.   Non-lead ammunition is the solution according to a both scientists and hunters.   Chris Parish, with a 'nonprofit' tracking raptors in Arizona and Utah, has said that politics have paralyzed state agencies, scientists as well as hunters.   He feels the three groups should ban together and support programs promoting steel and copper ammunition, while avoiding government and political activists.
Eagles eat creatures that have been shot with lead ammunition.   Over time the birds are poisoned by the accumulation of lead in their bodies and suffer paralysis, suppressed hunger, blindness, brain damage and organ failure.
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