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Mar 30, 2017

First Turkey Vulture of the year

Photos by Barry Wallace
Turkey Vulture flies over King on March 29
I saw my first Turkey Vulture of 2017 yesterday, on March 29, near Nobleton.   I was quite surprised.   I have never seen one in March before.   I probably shouldn't have been surprised, because this large scavenger, which is almost as big as an eagle, has been migrating further north each spring for several years.   They stay later in the fall also, before heading south.   Global warming seems to be affecting this bird's instincts about food (carrion) being thawed and edible, earlier in late winter/early spring than previously.   Below are two of my favourite photographs of Turkey Vultures, that I have taken in the past, and am pleased to show again in this space.   I hope you find them of interest.

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