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Feb 6, 2017

Do Snowy Owls catch fish?

Photo by Chuck Homler d/b/a Focus on Wildlife
(Nyctea nyctea)
As the photo above (by Chuck Homler) shows, Snowy Owls certainly do catch ducks.   I have just read that Snowy Owls also catch and eat fish, which I did not know.   I read this information in a bird guide, written by Chester A. Reed in 1906... 111 years ago.   He states: "...they will frequently kill animals or birds as heavy, or heavier, than themselves...They also catch a great many fish; these they get in shallow water among the rock-weed covered stones, by reaching down quickly and seizing their prey in their strong claws".   After reading this, I switched over to Wikipedia's photos of Snowy Owls to see if I could find one in which this magnificent bird was catching a fish.   I couldn't find a single one.   However, I am prepared to accept that Chester Reed's claim is accurate.   The only time I seen Snowy Owls, however, is when they occasionally migrate south in winter to a the nearby Holland Marsh, in southern Ontario, where I live, and they spend the cold winter months hunting mice, voles, pigeons or the occasional rabbit.
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