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Oct 30, 2016

Some positive news about 'Hummers' and for their admirers

Photo by Barry Wallace
John McCracken has written a revealing article in the fall 2016 edition of BIRD WATCH Canada, part of which I thought I would pass along in this space.

"Breeding Bird Survey results show that Ruby-throated Hummingbird populations across North America have increased by about 2.3% per year since 1966.   Long Point Bird Observatory's migration montitoringprogram shows a similar pattern, with average annual increases coming in a 5.7% in spring migration and 7.4% in fall.   Second-generation breeding bird atlas projects in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes show noteworthy expansions in hummingbird distributions.   Population increase are thought to be in response to the ever-growing popularity of hummingbird feeders and backyard flower gardens, perhaps combined with the warming effects of climate change".

Thanks John.   It's nice to have positive and encouraging news.   The last hummingbird in my garden this fall left during the second week of October.   For a few years now, they seem to leave a day later each fall.

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