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Oct 27, 2016

Autumn's migrating sparrows

Photo by Barry Wallace
White-crowned & White throated Sparrows
share same spot under the feeders
Pictured above are a White-crowned Sparrow (left) and a White-throated Sparrow (right) coming together under our feeders in the backyard, before continuing their migration south to escape winter which begins on December 21st.   The white-throats always appear first, followed by the white-crowns, but they usually share a same window of time for a couple of weeks.   They will make a similar type of passage in the spring.   In the case of the White-throated Sparrow, some adults have a black-and-white head stripes  while others have brown-and-tan head stripes.   My Peterson Field Guide notes that white-throats have been known to hybridize with Dark-eyed Juncos, although this is the only mention I have ever heard of this.
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