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Jul 11, 2013

Osprey at King's northern tip

I took the photos below at King Township's northernmost tip in the Holland Marsh today.   The end-of-road site on Bathurst Street, at the West Holland River, is one of three Osprey nest locations in King Township that I have been visiting this year.   One of the other sites is located at Temperanceville, on the south-west corner of King Road and Bathurst Street atop a huge communications tower, and the third site is on the north shore of the lake at the Ranch Wake Park on Keele Street, north of Hwy. 9.   Unfortunately, while the first two locations have Ospreys on nest, the Ospreys at the Ranch Wake Park have abandoned their nest.   This has been a site occupied for many years by these magnificent raptors.   I saw an Osprey at the nest in the early spring.   One of the operators of Ranch Wake Park confirmed to me today that none of the big birds have been seen for several weeks.       

Photos by BarrytheBirder
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