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Jul 14, 2013

18 swallow nests at King Township house - down from 63 last year!

One of the homes on Sunday's Nobleton-King City Garden Tour was that of Kathryn and Craig Corcoran, on the 15th Sideroad.   One expected to be impressed with the outstanding grounds and gardens, but for me the highlight was discovering the Cliff Swallow nests under the eaves, around the house.   In the top photo, you can make out one of the Cliff Swallows in the left gourd-shape mud nest.   In the second photo, there are 12 nests see above a garage door.   Around a corner, are six more of these nests, for a total of 18.   Kathryn told me that last year, they had 63 nests, under the eaves, encircling the house!   The Corcorans are leaving King Township in the near future and I couldn't help but wondering to myself how a new owner will react to the swallows' fascination with this special country residence.   Hopefully they will be wild-bird fanciers.
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