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Mar 30, 2012

Intrepid Great Blue Heron

Photos by BarrytheBirder
With temperatures hovering just above the freezing mark all day Thursday and a forecast of 2 to 4 cms. of snow overnight, one had to admire this Great Blue Heron's early arrival on the breeding grounds.   It was foraging along a newly-relocated stretch of the Holland Marsh canal, adjacent to Pump House Road.   The physical conditions of the canal environment, after the onslaught of total re-construction, seem barren and unwelcoming but this skilled fisherman was catching fish at the rate of one every minute.   The fish were not big...maybe 10 to 15 cms. on average, but this heron would be quickly filled at the pace he was keeping.   Nearby, where the canal runs parallel to Canal Road, a single Trumpeter Swan (see below), tagged but wild, was taking a time-out from its journey to points farther north.

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