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Oct 24, 2010

Branta canadensis

Once, maybe twice, I've pictured a Canada Goose in this Blog space. Our Canada Goose is so ubiquitous that one is reluctant to show one more image than is absolutely necessary. I suppose there are those who would say they never get tired of seeing the Canada Goose, either on-the-wing or in pictures. Nevertheless, I believe this photograph captures this bird as well as any I have ever seen. It was taken in 2006 at the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, in Calgary, Alberta, by Chuck Szmurlo. It appears in Wikipedia's List of the birds of Ontario. This goose with the pale breast, beautifully captured here, appears to be of the subspecies hutchinsii and is common in central and western Canada. Canada Geese normally max-out, in size, at around 114 cm. (45") long, with a wingspan of about 180 cm. (71"). Wikipdedia declares that: " An exceptionally large male of the race B.c. maxima, the 'giant Canada goose' (which rarely exceed 8 kg/18lb), weighed 10.9 kg (24 pounds) and had a wingspan of 2.24 m (88 inches)...this specimen is the largest wild goose ever recorded of any species". Anyway, enough said. My purpose here was to show Chuck Szmurlo's perfect photo of a big beautiful bird. Click on the image for a larger view.
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